London Drizzle

Umami ● Beetroot ● Majesty

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"Tastes of rain. I've never been to England, but this is what I imagine it smells of during the rain. It is refreshing with a light flavor. I need to be careful how quickly I consume this."

– Castillo C.

The Inspiration

Having captured the heart of the USA with our American Mustard gin, we decided it was time
to do something similar for the UK; that is, create a gin that would instantly invoke the
majesty of our Sceptered Isle in the way that the hint of burger mustard makes Americans
stand and salute old glory without even thinking about it.
Many suggestions were put forward, from ‘a gin redolent of that funny sauce they put on a
late Friday night kebab’ through ‘one with a very long waiting list’ to ‘a gin that tastes of road
rage’, but none of them survived the ruthless cauldron of the still.