A tiny grain of thought in the craft still of ambition

Ever since my mother gave me some as a baby, I’ve been fascinated by the taste of gin.

Much later in life, I bought half a pub, and was struck with an idea: what if I created a gin of my own, to serve to the customers? 

After a few more gins this idea had blossomed into a rabid desire for world domination through gin. And so this tiny grain of thought was dropped into the craft still of ambition, and the result was James Gin.

International travel at other people’s expense

I decided immediately that my gin should feature flavours never before tasted in one; flavours that would celebrate both my homeland and the pleasures I’ve enjoyed over many decades of international travel at other people’s expense.

Two men in boring green anoraks

I realised, though, that whilst I was highly qualified in drinking gin, and had done so all over the globe, I knew nothing about making it. That’s when I was introduced to Hugh Anderson of Downton Distillery. And so it was that, one cold May morning, two men in boring green anoraks met in a shed formerly owned by Sir Walter Raleigh to begin their long search.

A long and gin-addled journey

Hugh soon made it clear how challenging it would be to create a gin, a process in which knowledge of microbiology is combined with pure artistry and even luck. There are so many permutations to the ingredients that can be used in gin, and their proportions, as to be infinite. A promising recipe can be corrupted simply by slightly overdoing just one botanical, leading to a gin that is too lemony, for example, or not junipery enough. We experienced many such setbacks on our long and gin-addled journey.

Damp soil and a sparkle of spices

But, eventually, we cracked it. We knew the golden moment had arrived. We had created Asian Parsnip. And my gin really is Asian Parsnip. This is not mere marketing guff. Take a sip and you will genuinely experience notes of nutty, sweet parsnip, redolent of the damp soil of the English countryside, and that sparkle of spices that will have thrilled anyone who has travelled in India or South-East Asia, or had a take-away.

Uniquer than most

All gins are, of course, and for the reasons explained above, unique. But Asian Parsnip is uniquer than most, and you will realise this as soon as you raise a glass of it to your nose.

Asian Parsnip

Asian Parsnip
Asian Parsnip
Asian Parsnip
Asian Parsnip
Asian Parsnip
Asian Parsnip

Asian Parsnip

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Asian Parsnip
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